I’m Not Dead Yet


I just checked this morning and realized that the last review I posted happened a month ago. For the sake of comparison, last October I reviewed 13 games in a month. This last month? None.

But don’t worry, I’m not dead. I just got real busy. Until you have 600 pounds of playing cards in your living room sitting next to a roll of bubble wrap the size of a circus fat lady, it’s difficult to imagine how bad it would be to ship 500 orders. A quick word of advice – if you’re going to run a Kickstarter, do yourself a favor and have it fulfilled. Make someone else do all that shipping. I got the tail end of the orders out Saturday, but I’m still not done because I have a handful more to ship to people I had to bribe to help me sell cards.

So anyway, I’m not dead. I’m just busy. More reviews will happen at some point, I promise. I still have a stack of review copies that need reviewing, and with the holidays coming, I know you’ll all be itching to find out what crappy games are out there so you can avoid them. Just hang in there. Like Arnold says,”It’s not a tumor.”

Wait, wrong reference. I have got to quit hitting the mescaline at work. That was supposed to be, “I’ll be back.”

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