Announcement – Monster Month

moonThis month, I’m going to try something new, something I haven’t tried since I started Drake’s Flames in 2007. The entire month of October is going to be horror-themed. I’m calling it Monster Month.

For the next 13 reviews – culminating in one final review on Halloween – you can read about ghosts and witches, zombies and werewolves, vampires and very disobedient children. If it goes bump, it’s fair game – and it doesn’t even have to do it at night, it just has to be creepy. It’s not all board games, either – I’ve got a movie, some TV, comics, even a roleplaying game to round it all out. I spent most of the last month chasing down a baker’s dozen of scary stuff to review, and I have a pile of review material I’m just dying to talk about.

So load up on garlic and leave the light on when you go to bed, because it’s about to get scary, starting tomorrow night. Join me in 24 hours for the first Monster Month review!

2 Responses to “Announcement – Monster Month”

  1. michael suszka says:

    Looking forward to the RPG review. My money is on Dread. Maybe Monsterhearts.

  2. Matt Drake says:

    It’s a good one. The review will be awesome.