About Drake’s Flames

This is a one-man show web log run by me, Matt Drake. I mostly review board and card games, but I like to throw in other nerd stuff like movies and TV shows, video games and toys, and sometimes even random stuff like train rides or disc golf.

If you want to see if I already reviewed something, it’s easy. Just hit the little magnifying glass at the top of the page and you can type in whatever word you want. You’ll see every article that includes that search term. Great for finding out if I reviewed Carcassonne; not so great if you’re looking for Risk. What am I, a genie in a bottle?

If you want to contact me, that’s easy, too. Just check out the ‘Contact Drake’ page, where I have one of those ludicrously irritating web forms that hides my email address so I don’t get spam. If you’ve got a game you want reviewed, or you want to suggest a trade, or if you just hate me and want to let me know how much I suck, there it is. Email away.

One more thing – somebody asked if I get my games for free. Well, duh. I wouldn’t do all this work if I had to pay for the games. Although sometimes I do pay for a game and then write about it, you can pretty much assume that anything I review, I got for free. Even if I didn’t. It’s not really any of your business, anyway.